Differences Between Daily vs Monthly Contact Lenses

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We're going to be reviewing the pros and cons of daily vs monthly contacts helping you figure out the best contact lens for you and your lifestyle let's take a look.

Hey, what's up this is dr Allen here from the doctor eye health show helping you learn all about the eyes vision and finding the best vision products.

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Daily vs Monthly Contact
Differences Between Daily vs Monthly Contact Lenses

Pros of Monthly Contact Lenses :

  • Comes in a wider variety of powers
  • Cheaper upfront vs Dailies
  • Some can be slept in

Today we're talking about again daily vs monthly contacts now this is one of the biggest decisions if you are a contact lens wearer maybe you're just getting into contacts maybe you've been wearing contacts for a long time there is really a big difference in categories between daily vs monthly contacts.

And it can be kind of tough to figure out which one is right for you so let's break them down now by far as an eye care professional it is part of my responsibility to recommend what is healthiest for somebody as it is part of my job to take care of people's eyes and for that reason, daily lenses are strongly encouraged.

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So one of the biggest benefits of day lenses is for health benefits in addition to the lesser chance of infection daily lenses again because they're being replaced every day and they're not carrying those proteins.

What Are the Differences Between Daily vs. Monthly Contact Lenses in 2021?

And allergens they are generally more comfortable than the monthly lenses as well monthly lenses can still be very comfortable however a lot of people will experience those lenses becoming more uncomfortable as time goes on through their wear use getting closer to the end of the month and that's usually because the wetting agents in those lenses wear off over time.

They do have a couple of advantages one of those is the sheer volume of different prescriptions that they come in daily lenses being a new kind of technology that's rolling out.

They don't come in every prescription available and that's true for all contacts but monthly contact lenses do tend to have a little bit more options for people with unique prescriptions so if you're somebody who has a really high astigmatism correction.

Or you have some other uh really high prescription for example maybe you have a like a negative 12 nearsightedness which is a pretty high prescription then a monthly lens has the different brands out there for monthlies just have a larger variety for those high prescriptions versus the daily lenses however many.

For that reason, some people as patients or as a person wearing contact lens some people do better in sleeping in lenses than other people.

As technology has developed more companies have moved away from monthly lenses switching to more of that single-use one-day lenses as one-day lenses or dailies are using being replaced every single day and they don't carry.

The bacteria and the proteins and another kind of allergens that can get stuck to monthly lenses they're not being carried over because you're opening up a fresh new lens every single day.

And the build-up of other proteins and other allergens and because daily one-time use lenses are so convenient and simple to use meaning you don't need to have so much responsibility to clean the lenses every night they are pretty much ideal for children.

Or younger wearers where again a monthly lens does require more maintenance and to properly clean them it does take extra time out of your day as well as having to spend money on things like contact lens solution, in fact, most people who wear monthly lenses do not wash their contact lenses correctly.

If you want to see a video of me going over how to properly clean monthly contacts I'll look that up in the YouTube card up above as well as putting that link the video now as far as monthly contact lenses.

Daily lenses are starting to have updated parameters in those higher prescriptions as well another advantage for monthly lenses for some people is the ability to sleep in the lenses on occasion now a big disclaimer here not every lens is been approved by the FDA for overnight or extended wear or sleeping in your contact lenses and even the ones that are approved for it need to be really approved and prescribed for that reason as even though some are approved.


Some of my favorite Daily Disposable Contact Lenses 

What Are the Differences Between Daily vs. Monthly Contact Lenses in 2021?

  • Alcon Contact Lenses:
  • Dailies Total 1
  • Dailies Precision 1

Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses : 

  • Bausch and Lomb BioTrue One Day Lenses 

Acuvue Contact Lenses:

  • Acuvue Oasys 1 Day lens

Some of my favorite Monthly Contact lenses

  • Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses:
  • Bausch and Lomb Ultra Lenses

Alcon Contact Lenses:

  • Air Optix Night and Day lens

Cooper Vision Lenses

  • Biofinity Contacts

What Are the Differences Between Daily vs. Monthly Contact Lenses in 2021?

And in general, the risk of getting an eye infection goes up dramatically when sleeping in lenses even the ones that are approved for sleeping if you are somebody who's interested in sleeping in contact lenses I first encourage you to make sure you talk to your eye care provider about that as an option for you.

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One last big differentiator between monthly versus daily contact lenses has to do with price, in general, you're gonna pay more money upfront for a daily contact lens they're newer technology and you're going through more lenses so daily lenses again, in general.

A little bit more pricey upfront versus a monthly contact lens however a big price difference that differentiates the two that most people don't think about has to do with the price of cleaning solutions for things like monthly contact lenses usually a disinfecting solution comes at around 10 to 12 USD for a month's supply.

What the price would be for a daily lens compared to what it would be for a monthly lens with all the solutions comparing those

less chance of infection with a one-time use single-lens maybe a little bit more advantageous for you but again everybody's got a different budget and a different lifestyle.

And check out my video where I accidentally slept in my contacts as I reviewed more of the health consequences and risks of those lenses as well as reviewing some of the lenses out there that are approved for extended wear or sleeping in your lenses.

So if you're wearing them all year round like I would you're going to be paying about 12 times about 12 and that's gonna add up over time then you have to kind of add that to the total price of your monthly lenses and it ends up being about the same price as a lot of the daily lenses so if you're somebody who's really on that edge of trying to decide daily versus monthly lenses hunting out.

Two you might find that the convenience factor and extra benefits of less risk of having to go to the doctor.


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