Cosmetic Surgery: Influencers, Celebrities, and External Solutions for Internal Problems

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Definition of Cosmetic Surgery

For today's article, we will be discussing cosmetic surgery we'll talk about what cosmetic surgery is the differences between it and plastic surgery who has or has been suspected of getting cosmetic surgery.

Let's get started obviously before we get into the nitty-gritty we have to define exactly what we're talking about.
Now I assume when you saw my title you noticed that I used the term cosmetic surgery instead of plastic surgery before I started researching the article I had just assumed that they were one in the same but they are actually defined differently according to the American board of cosmetic surgery website.

What is Cosmetic Surgery

What is Cosmetic Surgery
What is Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is defined as the procedures techniques and principles of cosmetic surgery that are entirely focused on enhancing a patient's appearance improving aesthetic appeal symmetry.

And proportion is the key goal an aesthetic surgery can be performed on all areas of the head neck and body on the other hand plastic.

What is Surgery

What is Surgery
What is Surgery

Surgery is defined as a surgical specialty dedicated to reconstruction of facial and body defects due to birth disorders trauma burns and disease plastic.
  • Surgery is intended to correct dysfunctional areas of the body.
  • and is by definition reconstructive in nature.
So as you can see cosmetic surgery is more centered around a person's appearance and aesthetics whereas plastic surgery is more about fixing or correcting something cosmetic surgery falls under the plastic surgery umbrella.

But it hits more specific points another point to note is that since cosmetic procedures treat areas that function properly cosmetic surgery is designated as elective while on the other hand regarding plastic surgery it is said that while many plastic surgeons choose to complete additional training and perform cosmetic surgery as well the basis of their surgical training remains reconstructive plastic surgery.

In fact, in 1999 the American society of plastic and reconstructive surgeons changed its name to the American Society of plastic surgeons to more strongly communicate.

The message that plastic and reconstructive surgeons are one and the same so to be very clear cosmetic surgery isn't a necessity in the same way that plastic surgery can be due to the fact that plastic surgery centers around fixing something that might not be functional whereas cosmetic surgery is for parts of the body that are functional to really solidify the differences the different types of cosmetic surgery.
Include breast enhancement facial contouring facial rejuvenation body contouring and skin rejuvenation for plastic
Surgery the types include breast reconstruction burn repair congenital defect repair lower extremity reconstruction hand surgery and scar revision surgery.

Now that I've explained all that I will be talking mostly about cosmetic surgery in this video but I just wanted everyone to be on the same page celebrities and influencers can usually very much afford just about anything they want.

How is Cosmetic Surgery Done?

How is Cosmetic Surgery Done?
How is Cosmetic Surgery Done?

Cosmetic surgery is no exception in this section I won't be speculating but I will state what the internet thinks these people may or may not have gotten done as well as what they've admitted to getting done.

Cosmetic Surgery Justin Bieber

Cosmetic Surgery Justin Bieber
Cosmetic Surgery Justin Bieber

Madison beer has been in the public eye for some time after being discovered by the singer Justin Bieber she has since made a career for herself. Both in singing and on social media people have praised her looks and sound complimenting her heavily regarding what madison has had done the internet has claimed.

That she's had multiple things done like her nose her lips and even her breasts others have claimed that these changes are simply the work of photoshop when discussing the rumors.

She made a live talking about it and how it made her feel she's trying to say I'm setting unrealistic beauty standards because I claim that I've never had plastic surgery I haven't y'all can believe that y'all can't I don't really care anymore I'm done preaching to the choir that I have or I haven't.

I tell you guys every time I come live I show you guys I'm like you, I'm breaking out so bad I'm doing this I be real with you guys all the time I'm always real with you guys.

Because you guys are my fans you guys are my people why the would I lie I'm so open with you guys why would I lie about this I said so long ago like a minute ago.

But people choose to ignore what they want to ignore I said yes guys I got my lips done when I was younger and I regretted it and I hated it and I got them dissolved this is literally my natural face.

Shut up already it's so annoying I'm sorry I'm so mad right now I'm really I just got really triggered from this comment that she made and like I'm like so mad right now because I literally I'm like I'm about to start crying bro like I literally have struggled with my appearance with my body for years.

Cosmetic Surgery Alex Dunphy

Cosmetic Surgery Alex Dunphy
Cosmetic Surgery Alex Dunphy

I've been scrutinized for years and I'm literally now being told that I give false beauty standards ariel winter is most known for her role as Alex Dunphy on the modern family.

She has been very open about her life detailing her time on the show as well as her personal life such as her family friends and relationships ariel has also been quite open with her health issues relating to her breasts.

She's discussed in a people article that being a five-foot-tall girl and having extremely large breasts is really ostracizing and excruciatingly painful.

She also talks about the attention they would bring to her saying that I'd be wearing something anyone else could wear.

But I'd read comments saying she dresses inappropriately she has since gotten a breast reduction and seems to be in better spirits now 

Cosmetic Surgery James Charles

Cosmetic Surgery James Charles
Cosmetic Surgery James Charles

James Charles
is a huge internet personality recently achieving 20 million subscribers on his youtube channel he is a part of the beauty community. And even has his own collaboration with morphe cosmetics with that being said his face and body are a part of his brand either doing makeup looks or baring it all on social media James Charles is definitely no stranger when it comes to the photoshop game.

But regarding him dabbling in cosmetic surgery James has openly discussed getting lip filler last year he posted a tweet saying thank God for braces scissors better taste in clothing lip filler makeup and a little facetune when it comes to his butt however that is still up for debate.

When the discussion of plastic surgery or more specifically cosmetic surgery comes up kylie along with her other sisters is usually brought up

Cosmetic Surgery Kylie Jenner

Cosmetic Surgery Kylie Jenner
Cosmetic Surgery Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner
is one of those celebrities we've seen grow up in the limelight and due to this, we have really watched as she has evolved into the woman. She is today kylie has been open with getting her lips done her new features contributed to the success of her lip kits and overall brand kylie cosmetics while there's been a lot of speculation about what else she may have gotten done.

Kylie's only publicly stated that she's gotten her lips done.

Why People Would Get Cosmetic Surgery

Why People Would Get Cosmetic Surgery
Why People Would Get Cosmetic Surgery

So, for now, you will just have to rely on your Instagram and YouTube plastic surgeons to clue you in now let's discuss the reasons why people would get cosmetic surgery. the first one that came to mind is the general concept of just feeling better usually when people go through elective surgery they are unhappy about some part of their appearance and are looking to change it for the "better" an issue that can arise from this is that when people sometimes get cosmetic surgery it's in an attempt to fix insecurities that stem from being bullied or teased however you can't fix internal problems with external solutions.

  • Another reason would be to stay on trend and or fit in society has gone through so many trends like having super-thin eyebrows or having a thigh gap or even having a big butt while trends very much come and go this
  • doesn't stop people from wanting to be a part of what's in nowadays we live in the era of Instagram where the collective strive for feline eyes big lips small waists big hips as well as other features for some it makes them more marketable and appealing to the masses in their entertainment industry it has been said that people will get surgery.
  • So they can get or keep jobs for others being told that they have a likeness to a certain celebrity gives them a positive feeling.
  • Another reason that someone would get surgery is for a partner there are countless stories of people getting surgery to appeal to their partner which is something you shouldn't do changes you make for your body should be for you and not because you want someone to like you or stay with you.

Cosmetic Surgery of Instagram Doctors and Influencer

Cosmetic Surgery of Instagram Doctors and Influencer
Cosmetic Surgery of Instagram Doctors and Influencer

The next points are that it is more affordable with the rise of Instagram doctors and influencer discount codes people are now more than ever able to afford cosmetic surgery while the prices can still be rather high the goal of surgery is a lot more achievable.

And accessible than ever before the next point is that it's less invasive with non-surgical nose jobs botox and lip fillers becoming more normalized people are able to get quick fixes for less money and less downtime this also puts consumers at ease as well knowing that they can reverse the changes they made rather easily.

The last reason is for health issues while I did discuss that surgery that is to correct something falls more under plastic surgery people have gone under the knife both for health and appearance reasons.

For example.

Minzy a previous member o the k-pop group 2ne1 had her nose done a couple years ago when asked about it she stated the following there's a lot of talk about my change and appearance these days I'm not the type of person who can hide things.

So I wanted to come out and tell everyone right away I had been suffering from rhinitis for a long time so I always had a hard time while singing and dancing when I went to the hospital.

They told me that because my nose was crooked I had to get surgery for a perfect recovery it was the first time I had ever undergone surgery.

So I was worried at first then my mom suggested that while I'm fixing my crooked nose I should receive cosmetic surgery as well that's why it took even longer for me to decide with a lot of bravery.

I underwent surgery for rhinitis and received cosmetic surgery for my nose the reasons why people get cosmetic surgery varies greatly with that being said what are y'all's thoughts on cosmetic surgery have you ever thought about getting cosmetic surgery let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

I find the topic of plastic and cosmetic surgery really interesting I have been interested in shows like botched where they show you the ins and outs of plastic surgery which ended up leading me into making this article with that being said here are my final thoughts in my personal opinion before anyone decides to undergo any surgery.

They should make sure that this is something they want to do surgery is a big decision and undergoing elective surgery for trivial matters isn't worth the time money and energy like I said before.

You can't fix internal problems with external solutions if you're insecure about something getting it done might not make you feel any less insecure it might even amplify your insecurities as a result of living with a choice you didn't actually need to make learning to love yourself first which I know is easier said than done.

But like I said it can't be done my next point is to do whatever you want within reason if you want to get cosmetic surgery are fully committed and have the means to then go ahead with the procedure.

But be mindful of what you plan to do your research on doctors be realistic about your expectations and stay away from cheap but easily accessible practices going along with this.

Why is cosmetic surgery good?

Why is cosmetic surgery good?
Why is cosmetic surgery good?

My next point is that getting cosmetic surgery is fine but don't deny it openly.

For example:

Madison beer has been consistently asked about what she's had done like I said she's allowed to do whatever she wants but I feel like she shouldn't respond to these comments anymore I don't agree with people constantly
harassing her.

But she's been defending herself for years and people mostly seem to keep bringing it up because they know it bothers her at this point no answer is really going to suffice for the internet.

So why even discuss it anymore next point not everything is surgery it could be photoshop like Madison James and almost anyone with an Instagram account facetune and a slew of edit apps is real and are heavily utilized.

Cosmetic Surgery: Influencers, Celebrities, and External Solutions for Internal Problems
Cosmetic Surgery: Influencers, Celebrities, and External Solutions for Internal Problems

That being said not every difference is going to be the work of cosmetic surgery for the quickly snatched waist photoshop facetune does a great job at making 100 pain-free cosmetic changes cosmetic surgery is no small thing people are able to become whoever they want to be both inside and out while it is still regarded as a taboo topic it has been literally shaping societies of the past present and tomorrow and with new innovations like non-invasive nose jobs and more.

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