Patients with diabetes| be careful withe the old hypoglycemia

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Diabetes patients in hospital hear the doctor reminds most is to can’t eat foods high in sugar, or your condition will be. In fact, some patients with Diabetes is because the way the doctor charged the misunderstanding, just appear dangerous!

Don’t eat sugar, to see what time, in some danger of time, it is a small piece of sugar to save the life of the patients, the following is a real lesson. and be careful withe the old hypoglycemia.

53, with over 10 years of history of diabetes.During his seriously to take medicine, follow the doctor’s told, blood sugar has been very stable.This spring, Lao wang and several partner organizations to climb the mountain.Walk before his charge take food and water.

Patients with diabetes| be careful
Patients with diabetes| be careful 

Taste, refers to the people of the abnormal mouth taste or smell, it not only affect people’s mood, often is some early signs of the disease. more for dietary excess, food stagnation, indigestion, in the stomach to fermentation, true heat syndromes.

There is the symptoms people should feed guide sluggish, the stomach he eats a lodge away, tone natural and pure and fresh.

Can disappear of TCM has JiNaJin, large hawthorn pill etc, also can use of food of be, etc.If mouth only sour, at the same time with poor appetite, frequent vomiting, exhaustion, it is caused by weak of spleen and stomach, should regulate taste, enhance the digestive function of spleen and stomach.

Older Diabetes in the body

Older Diabetes in the body easy to short of calcium, many people like to drink milk calcium, but many patients with Diabetes worry, milk, elevated blood sugar? With this problem, reporters have visited GuoYi hall academy of traditional Chinese medicine.

ShenChunYu diabetes expert, shen’s director said, milk, not only contain delay carbohydrate digestion and absorption of protein and fat, more important is, it absorption rate was slower than other sugars some.

In the intestines of infant rich in lactose enzyme, but after the adult lactose enzyme activity decline, it breaks down lactose into glucose and half of lactose ability.So, digest lactose digestion as sucrose (sugar).

Diabetes is a common chronic endocrine diseases, modern medical research is one of the emphases and difficulties of. Along with the biomedicine pattern to the new “the biological-psychology-society” the transformation of medical model, psychological factors in the development of Diabetes, development, effect and prognosis of functions are becoming more and more attention by people, diabetes be accepted “psychosomatic illness”.

People with diabetes have a specific psychological characteristics, in drug treatment at the same time, give corresponding psychological treatment and counseling can have twice the result with half the effort.

Medical department a survey shows that thirty percent crashes in Diabetes on the driver surprisingly, 33% of crashes in diabetes on the driver. cause “diabetes driver” high traffic accident.

According to the provincial health education soup doctor introduction, earlier this year, a diabetes kindergarten baby-sitter car company’s six ten-day driver, take a vacation employees baby-sitter car driving by load six children, and behold the car when the driver but by downhill diabetes onset coma suddenly, causing baby-sitter car crash, the driver injury were killed, six children also injured not light.

Once-daily sulfonylureas hypoglycemic effect sure, are obese type 2 Diabetes drug line selection.

to some extent, restricted its application.A low blood glucose reaction in the long-term sulfonylureas possess in the use of the most prominent, especially with renal impairment of elderly patients, may cause serious and lasting a low blood glucose reaction.

but because it has low blood glucose concentration and effective drug dependence on the hypoglycemic effect, so with the traditional sulfonylureas possess than its incidence of hypoglycemia significantly reduced.Taking in the glyburide beauty of urea patients rarely happen severe hypoglycemia.

Diabetes and the old hypoglycemia

Patients with diabetes| be careful
Diabetes and the old hypoglycemia

The old hypoglycemia is one of the critical medical common, in accepting the insulin and oral sulfonylurea treatment of Diabetes especially common. 

Serious often lead to death than the rescue.Hypoglycemia last a long time, even if life saved also can leave irreversible damage to the brain. Therefore, timely diagnosis and swift and effective rescue severe hypoglycemia, relates to the patient life and prognosis.

With family members often ask why will appear hypoglycemia, such severe hypoglycemic coma sees more at old people not stable diabetes or new diagnosis of diabetes. For a start was used, not familiar with the characteristics of drugs and maintain time, drug dose and blood sugar.

Each expectant mother all hope the baby is healthy, so they tend to buy a large number of books after learning of the health care and an unborn baby pregnancy, maternity and expert reminds, the fertilized egg quality is fundamentally decided the health of the fetus, grasp the opportunity conception, in fact than pregnancy after health care and an unborn baby is more important.

At the time of conception men and women both parties of body state very key, all kinds of disease are active period shoulds not be conceived. Such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, these diseases all need after treatment, the stable condition after etc, and then to conceive, diet will avoid fat, actually nutritionists points out that the fat and lean many. 

Generally speaking, 100 grams lean lean have 10 grams of fat.

But, lean lean fat content for animal species, meat and positions of animals of different age there is a big difference.For example, thin pork fat content than a thin mutton is high, and thin lamb and beef than thin high, this is the difference between the variety.

 Row upon the meat flesh than fat content high, belong to the differences in the parts;Young animals than the fat old animal fat content low, belongs to the animals of the age difference.Especially need to pay attention, many people feel that the meat from the bones no fat.

When people get sick, is very distressed. Especially when patients with Diabetes will know that life, the mood is very complicated. Pressure is also a lot of, easily to have negative psychology. Such patients often can’t match with the doctor, to clinical treatment more difficult.

Doctors found that optimistic quiet state of mind for maintaining the stability of the environment inside the patient. And anxiety emotions can cause some stress hormones such as adrenaline, norepinephrine, adrenal cortical hormone and glucagons secretion.Thus antagonist insulin, cause glucose levels, make the illness.

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